Urathon Europe Ltd. Thane House, Hilmarton, Wiltshire, SN11 8SB, UK
+44 (0)1249 760581 +44(0)1249 760547 ian@urathon.com

The Process

Urathon will visit you or invite you to their head office in Wiltshire to discuss your requirements. Before we discuss any work we will sign any confidentiality agreements required.




We will review all drawings and establish your requirements things to discuss would be:

  • Materials and manufacturing requirements
  • Time frame required
  • Mould requirements
  • Product volumes
  • Delivery requirements
  • Packaging, instruction manuals and printing required
  • What drawings / Bills of Materials are available
  • Is any Rapid prototyping required
  • Level of assembly and QA testing required

Once we have established your requirements we will send a full brief of the project to our technical management team in China (along with any drawings and samples that we have). Depending on the project's complexity we will then aim to provide you with a full detailed quotation within 15 days.


Knowledge Is Power

Urathon are at the cutting edge of manufacturing.

Where we do not offer the process you require, our in house sourcing team have the depth of knowledge to help you to find the right solution.