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If you are not sure if the design of your product is 100% correct, Urathon can rapid prototype your ideas before creating your finished moulds. Our design team can then work with you to fine tune your production so it is exactly as you want it.

In House

Mould Manufacture

Urathon manufacture all of our moulds in house, we have many different unique ways of cutting the costs involved with new product mould costs.


Delivery Options

Urathon can make production available ex-works China or delivery direct to your door by container. Should you also require a “ fully managed service” we can warehouse your products in our 50,000 square foot warehousing in Wiltshire and deliver to you



We have the following proprietary processes:

  • Blow moulding and vacuum forming
  • Injection moulding
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Aluminium and mild steel profiling and assembly
  • Polyurethane microcellular production
  • Aluminium pressure die-casting

Our expert local sourcing specialists have qualified sources for:

  • Switches and wiring looms
  • Motors and gearboxes
  • LCD screens and PCB’s
  • Full Crib 5 vinyl and upholstery materials and Polyurethane foams
  • Wood profiling
  • Cartons packaging and printing requirements

All sourced products are tested to ensure that they meet the relevant recognised industry standards.

Urathon has its own R & D department with CAD facilities. We make most of our own moulds and offer full rapid prototyping.

All our work is performed under confidentiality agreements and we pay particular attention to keeping our clients' information, manufacturing techniques and systems inviolate.

We particularly specialise as an OEM:

  • Stairlifts
  • Wheelchairs
  • Disability aids
  • Commode and shower chairs
  • Profiling beds
  • Mobile hoists
  • Bath lifts
  • Electric golf trolleys
  • Many other customer products


All our products comply with international standards and are manufactured to the quality management system standard:  ISO9001:2008 (see FAQs for more detail).

Urathon contracts all painting and anodising of metalwork out to a specialist contracted painting company.

Urathon have 18 years experience of manufacturing using microcellular polyurethane and manufacture all of their own moulds in house.

We have 4 automatic PU (Polyurethane) production lines that can manufacture PU in any RAL colour required. (Subject to production volumes). Urathon's PU factory is among the most technically competent PU factories in the world.